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We want our patients to find the dosage of methadone that will allow the individual to drive a car without impairment, gain and maintain employment, improve physical and mental health, etc.....

Code of Ethics

Our Ethics Policy

Policy: Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro sets ethical standards to guide Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro relationships with staff, consumers, and the community.

The ethical standards of Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro are:

  • The¬†Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro¬†staff will conduct themselves in compliance with¬†Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro's¬†ethical standards and the standards as reflected in the mission and goals.
  • Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro¬†will conduct its marketing and admission practice in an ethical manner. Marketing material will reflect only the services available and the level of licensure and accreditation.
  • Persons served will be billed for only those services rendered.
  • Full information will be provided to the person served on the source of the organization's reimbursement and any limitations placed on duration of services.
  • Information regarding the person served will be held in the strictest confidence and will not be released without the permission of the person served or as provided by law.
  • Reliance Treatment Center of Statesboro¬†will communicate its ethical standards to persons served during orientation and will be made available in writing.

Choice of


Patients will have input in their plan of care, whether it be methadone maintenance for an indefinite period of time, or methadone detoxification. Individual reduction in dosage over a period of time will be decided upon by the patient, in conjunction with staff, for a safe, medical withdrawal at a rate that is well tolerated.



Success in treatment will be measured and monitored.

Ways to gauge success include:

  • The reduction, or elimination of criminal activities associated with opiate abuse

  • The reduction or elimination of illicit opiate abuse, as well as abuse of other drugs

  • The reduction of behaviors conducive to the spread of infectious diseases

  • Enhancements in patient's quality of life, due to the restoration of physical and mental health and improved levels of functioning

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We're breaking down the barriers to treatment for Opioid use disorder
(addiction to pain pills or other opiates)

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